• Through a hole in the wall
    • by Charlene Doumani
    • Taken near Carlton in Coverdale. Objective A4 in the Management Plan aims to secure the contribution that traditional field barns and dry stone walls make to the National Park and establish a partnership to ensure that, by 2016, the Swaledale-Arkengarthdale Barns and Walls conservation area is no longer ‘at risk’.

    • Looking over the River Wharfe
    • by Alice Winterburn (aged 17)
    • Taken at Bolton Abbey. Most of the people who spend any time in the National Park will experience a range of emotions, triggered by the beauty, grandeur and other, less tangible qualities. These all help create the ‘spirit of place’ that is unique to the National Park.

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Our vision

Through their passion for this special place, local people and businesses will keep the Yorkshire Dales National Park a thriving area. Its unique cultural landscape will be treasured for its stunning scenery, exceptional heritage and wonderful wildlife, and every year millions of people will be inspired to be a part of it.

By 2040, the Yorkshire Dales National Park will be:

  • A distinctive, living, working, cultural landscape that tells the on-going story of generations of people interacting with their environment;
  • A friendly, open, and welcoming place with outstanding opportunities to enjoy its special qualities;
  • Home to the finest variety of wildlife in England;
  • Resilient and responsive to the impacts of climate change, storing more carbon each year than it produces;
  • Providing an outstanding range of benefits for the nation based on its natural resources, landscape and cultural heritage, which underpin a flourishing local economy;
  • Home to strong, self-reliant and balanced communities with good access to the services they need.

Each element of this Vision carries equal weight in the Management Plan.

Liquid sunshine, photographed by Tom Collier
Liquid sunshine
Photographed by Tom Collier
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The success of the Management Plan will be dependent on everyone who cares about the National Park helping to secure and enhance its future.

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