• through fields
    • Through the Fields, Muker
    • by Mat Robinson
    • Taken at Muker in Swaledale. Objective B2 in the Management Plan aims to ensure that rights of way are maintained and promoted with at least 90% being deemed ‘easy to use’ each year.

  • dragon fly
    • Golden Ringed Dragonfly on quarried rock
    • by Michael Cardus
    • Taken at Dry Rigg Quarry, Helwith Bridge. Objective C5 in the Management Plan aims to establish baseline population estimates for all monitorable priority species by 2016, and set targets to get the population of these species stable or increasing.

  • About this photo

As part of the review of the Management Plan, a body of evidence is being collected and will be used by the Steering Group to inform their final decisions on the content of the Management Plan 2018-2023.

The background documents produced so far are available here for you to view and download:

NPMP Annual Report 2017

Summary: 8-Point Plan for England’s National Parks, March 2016

Executive Summary - Ecosystem Services Provision in the YDNP

Report of Consultation August 2017

Draft Evidence Papers
NPMP Forum - held on 23 November 2017

Comments / notes / discussions from breakout groups:

The current plan runs to 2018. Help shape the new National Park Management Plan.
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A traditional pastoral landscape created by livestock farmers over several centuries.

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