• Lost in isolation
    • by Katherine Jackson
    • Taken at Sedbusk. Objective B8 in the Management Plan aims to work with local people to deliver a world class Tour de France event in 2014 as well as developing a range of new opportunities to explore the National Park by bicycle.

    • Parcours, or free running in the Yorkshire Dales
    • by Sara Spillett
    • Taken at Snaizeholme near Hawes. Objective D7 in the Management Plan aims to ensure that at least 66% of all woodland is in active management by 2018.

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Achieving our vision

The Management Plan contains 53 specific objectives that, over the Management Plan period, aim to make significant progress towards achieving our Vision for the National Park.

A huge number of organisations and individuals are involved in delivering the Management Plan objectives. The document below details the organisations that are working to implement each one.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan 2013 - 2018 - Delivery Organisations

Bales on Tow, photographed by Gordon Nowell
Bales on Tow
Photographed by Gordon Nowell
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A culture of community spirit, self-sufficiency, determination and self-belief

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