• Dales Magic
    • by Roger Cope
    • Taken from the Askrigg road dropping down into Swaledale ‘over the tops’ from Wensleydale. Objective A3 in the Management Plan aims to provide clear guidance on which traditional farm buildings should be a focus for public investment and which can be best adapted for re-use or allowed to decline.

    • Holiday adventure – the fishing expedition
    • by Jonathan Woolley
    • Taken at Marsett. Objective C4 in the Management Plan aims to achieve ‘good’ ecological status for at least 60% of the rivers in the Yorkshire Dales by 2022.

    • Liquid sunshine
    • by Tom Collier
    • Taken at West Burton Falls. Objective A5 in the Management Plan aims to maintain the National Park as a place where a true sense of remoteness and solitude can be found.

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About the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Home to stunning scenery, wonderful wildlife and rich heritage; resilient, self-reliant and welcoming communities; and brilliant opportunities for recreation - the Yorkshire Dales National Park is a very special place.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park was designated as a National Park in 1954 and is one of ten National Parks in England which cover around 9.3% of the country. The vast majority of its land is in private ownership. It covers an area of 2,179 square km in the north of England, straddling the central Pennines in the counties of North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire. It is 80 km north east of Manchester; Leeds and Bradford lie to the south, while Kendal is to the west and Darlington to the east.

Outline map of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Many people and organisations help to keep the National Park a special area and amongst them is the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. The Authority is an independent body within the local government structure, created by the Environment Act (1995). Most of the things the Authority does are unique to national park authorities but it does provide some of the services similar to those provided by district and county councils - for example The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is the local planning authority and has a responsibility for the maintenance of rights of way in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The show must go on!, photographed by Andy Holden
The show must go on!
Photographed by Andy Holden
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the interaction of people with nature has produced a landscape of remarkable beauty and distinctive character that is cherished and enjoyed by the nation

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