• Bales on Tow
    • by Gordon Nowell
    • Taken above Cray, near Buckden. Objective C2 in the Management Plan aims to support farmers and landowners to increase the area of priority habitats, including creating at least 20ha of upland hay meadows by 2020.

    • Buckden Singers
    • by Gordon Nowell
    • Taken at Hubberholme Church. Villages in the Yorkshire Dales tend to have a very close sense of community, reflected in the wide range of local village shows, social activities and entertainment.

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About the Plan

The National Park Management Plan is the single most important document for each national park. It sets out the vision, strategic policies and outcomes for the National Park over the long term and guides the delivery of National Park purposes.

It is a Plan for the National Park - its communities, businesses, visitors and the many organisations that operate there. It requires all who have an interest in the National Park to work together to achieve its aspirations. The Government expects public agencies and authorities' active within or bordering a national park to cooperate in the development of the National Park Management Plan and the achievement of its objectives.

The Management Plan sets out:

How the Management Plan was produced

This National Park Management Plan was produced by a partnership - the Management Plan Steering Group includes environmental bodies (like Natural England and the Environment Agency); local authorities (District and County Councils), the voluntary sector; and, representatives of local businesses (farmers, landowners and tourism).

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan was reviewed in 2012 and a new Management Plan adopted in March 2013.

See 'How we got here' for a full description of the review process.

Key principles of the Management Plan

Every aspect of the Management Plan is underpinned by three key principles:

Working with, and through, local people.

With 95% of the National Park in private ownership, local people will be at the heart of the delivery of most of the objectives set out in the Plan.

Clarity of focus

The Management Plan does not attempt to catalogue everything that might happen in the next five years. Instead it focuses on identifying the key high level objectives that will be implemented by a range of organisations.


The Management Plan lists the organisations who will work together to deliver its objectives – wherever this delivery includes measureable targets that will be regularly reported.

Curious ram, photographed by Peter Swan
Curious ram
Photographed by Peter Swan
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A culture of community spirit, self-sufficiency, determination and self-belief

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